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PostSubject: ShadyVann    Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:34 pm

I- Basic Information
1. Name or Nickname: Andy/Vann
2. Age(Optional): 22
3. Location(Optional): Mexico City

II- In-Game
1. IGN: ShadyVann
2. Class/Level(90+): Blade Master/163.
3. Previous guilds that you have been in (Reason why you left): Myst, leader: melissa [contact her if needed on divinemyst/valkyriemyst/valiantmyst, she hangs out in fm ch13] (left because I wanted to boss and higher lv ppl... only this one, actually... older guilds I've been in just died).
4. IGN(s) of other characters you play: evelite (evan/171), arrowcoat (ranger/114), blazecoat (blaze wizard/115), frozenvann (aran/103), oooPNKooo (outlaw/109).
5. IGN/Name/Relation to people who have access to your account: I'm the only one using my account.
6. Are you an immigrant? If so, which server were you in? No.
7. How active are you?: I train 4 hours a day, then go around and afk randomly all day.
8. How often do you level?: now only 1-2 times a day because high lvls are a bit slower.
9. How long have you been playing Maplestory?: Since bellocan started (I was in bera on my first 2 weeks then just changed to the new server.
10. What are some of your in-game goals: get my DB to 200 (hepefuly in top 10), then my evan to 200 and prepare for new classes and get them to 200 =P
11. Who referred you to Valiant? Wes, I buy him rep.

III- Most importantly, YOU!
1. Describe your personality: I'm friendly, openminded, I like to listen (or read o.O?? w/e) and always willing to lend a hand to anyone (quests, tips or anything but meso/item giving) when not training. I love challenges, contests like that fosil hunting last year or personal lv up races. Sometimes I set my goals a bit high, I think it's not fun if things are just too easy.
2. Why are you interested in joining Valiant?: high lv ppl, some bossing and get new friends. I still don't know you so I guess that's all.
3. If you would like to add anything else, feel free!: I'm a bit competitive, specially on new classes, which I always try. I like to give things to people I like but I hate when they start to ask me for free suff just because they think I'm rich (I'm not). Graduated structural engineer, I work mostly freelances so I got tons of free time. Uhm... Getting RL married on december!!!!!!! Ok, I just want the world to know...

TY all for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: ShadyVann    Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:40 pm


Been nice to me ever since he bought rep and like his competitive nature >Very Happy. More motivation to get better in MS.
Also, congrats on the marriage!


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PostSubject: Re: ShadyVann    Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:01 pm

Ooo, I'm thinking about being a structural engineer after college. What do you think of the job?
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PostSubject: Re: ShadyVann    Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:15 pm

congrats on your wedding :]
app looks good. i like that you're a more serious/competitive player, and i like that you enjoy helping people.
i look forward to meeting you in game, so whisper/chat me anytime~ and gl on the app

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PostSubject: Re: ShadyVann    Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:13 am

very nice app, we don't normally hang out in the fm or anything but our forum names are basically igns so hit us up ingame, gl (:

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PostSubject: Re: ShadyVann    

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